JSLH System

The JSLH model adopted prominent law firms and consulting firms’ models. While some firms have abandoned the model over time to promote lateral growth and regional expansion, we have not.

Each JSLH client is served by lawyers steeped in the distinctive traditions and environment of the JSLH System. Our business and supply chains provides premier legal services from our office to clients around the region. Each of our practice areas is highly regarded, and our lawyers are recognized regionally for their commitment to the representation of our clients’ interests.

JSLH also has a long-standing commitment to improving the law and the legal system, addresses a breadth of topics, ranging in size and type, and including work aimed at protecting human rights and eradicating poverty.

JSLH is committed to conducting its business and all its relationships based on integrity. The policy is designed to educate our attorneys and staff on our procedures. JSLH seeks to deal only with reputable and well-established clients, conducting as necessary risk-based due diligence on our clients.

JSLH applies equal employment opportunity policy (which applies to all our employees, workers and contract workers); anti-bribery and corruption policy (which applies to all our personnel, including partners, of counsels, retired partners, associates, other employees (including temporary employees and non-employee consultants); and whistleblowing policy (which applies to all our employees and officers, whilst other individuals performing functions in relation to JSLH, such as agency workers and contractors, may implement the policy).